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Section Three:  Barns with a relationship to the Louden Machinery Company

 53. Luedtke Barn

1940-185th Street, west of Hwy One
(built ab. 1947)Louden Logo NRHP Logo


The Luedtke Barn is a good, well-preserved example of a structure influenced by Louden's Architectural Department barn designs.

The building features a system of braced rafters as advocated by Louden's Architectural Department and constructed by August Luedtke, who had learned the technique while building Louden-designed barns in the Fairfield vicinity.  The concrete block walls of this barn also show the influence of Louden barn designs.

It has a braced-rafter barn roof, which compared with the traditional post and beam construction, is easier to build and requires few hands to raise.

It was equipped with Louden products, such as hay handling equipment, door hangers, and stanchions.

The barn is located directly behind the house.  (Source - the NRHP Registration Form).

Click here for the National Register of Historic Places Registration Form and photos for this building, which you can download.

August & Vera Luedtke Barn.  01-18-15
Luedtke Barn

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