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Jefferson County, located in southeastern Iowa, has a population of 15,663.  It is governed by a Board of Supervisors.
The County Seat is Fairfield, Iowa.  There are seven incorporated towns in Jefferson County, Iowa.


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Jefferson County Iowa Map, 1871

Maybe you've seen this map on a restaurant wall or museum?  Well, the library of congress keeps a high res version of this on their website.  You...

Maasdam Barns

The Maasdam Barns are emblematic of the entrepreneurial spirit, which has characterized Jefferson County, Iowa, for well over a century. The...

Brand New Website!

Welcome to our new online presence.  In June of 2023, Jefferson County, Iowa got an entirely new website.  We hope this new website dramatically...

Courtroom Renovation Dedication

The Jefferson County Board of Supervisors approved a plan to renovate and remodel the Jefferson County courtroom in the courthouse. Renovation...

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Mon-Fri 8am – 4:30pm

51 W Briggs Ave.
Fairfield, IA 52556

Jefferson County Courthouse

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Fairfest Music Festival

Jefferson County, Iowa

Board of Supervisors

Jefferson County is administered by a three-member Board of Supervisors who are elected for four-year terms. Other elected officials include the Attorney, Auditor, Recorder, Sheriff, and Treasurer.

The supervisors meet every Monday at the courthouse. The public is invited to attend, but should submit agenda items in advance to the Auditor’s office by noon Thursday. See the Agenda & Minutes.

The County Supervisors main responsibility is setting a county budget to meet the needs of the rural population in the township areas and the human service needs of the entire county.  More Jefferson County history >

Supervisors Agendas & Minutes

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Minutes 11-27-23Download
Agenda 12-04-23Download
Minutes 11-20-23Download
Minutes 11-17-23Download
Minutes 11-14-23Download
Minutes 11-13-23Download
Minutes 11-6-23Download
Agenda 11-27-23Download
Agenda 11-20-23Download
Agenda 11-17-23Download
Agenda 11-13-23Download
Minutes 10-30-23Download
Agenda 11-6-23Download
Agenda 10-30-23Download
Minutes 10-25-23Download
Minutes 10-23-23Download
Minutes 10-16-23Download
Minutes 10-13-23Download
Minutes 10-09-23Download
Agenda 10-23-23Download
Agenda 10-16-23Download
Agenda 10-13-23Download
Minutes 10-03-23Download
Minutes 10-02-23Download
Minutes 09-27-23Download
Minutes 09-25-23Download
Minutes 09-18-23Download
Revised Agenda 10-13-23Download
Agenda 10-02-23Download
Revised Agenda 09-27-23Download
Agenda 09-25-23Download
Agenda 09-18-23Download
Minutes 09-12-23Download
Minutes 09-05-23Download
Agenda revised 09-12-23Download
Minutes 08-28-23Download
Agenda week of 09-11-23, No Monday meetingDownload
Revised Agenda 09-05-23Download
Agenda 09/05/2023Download
Agenda 08-28-23Download
Minutes 08-22-23Download
Minutes 08-21-23Download
Agenda 08-22-23Download
Minutes 08-16-23Download
Minutes 08-15-23Download
Agenda 08-21-23Download
Minutes 08-11-23Download
Agenda Additions 08-15-23Download
Agenda additions 08-15-23Download
Minutes 08-08-23Download
Minutes 08-07-23Download
Minutes 08-02-23Download
Minutes 08-01-23Download
Minutes 07-31-23Download
Minutes 07-26-23Download
Minutes 07-24-23Download
Minutes 07-17-23Download
Minutes 07-11-23Download
Minutes 07-10-23Download
Agenda week of 08-14-23Download
Agenda addition 08-11-23Download
Voting Precincts Ordinance 2022Download
Agenda 08-07-23Download
Amended agenda 07-31-23Download
Agenda 07-31-23Download
Agenda 07-24-23Download
Agenda 07-17-23Download
Minutes 07-06-23Download
Minutes 07-05-23Download
Agenda 07-10-23Download
Minutes 06-30-23Download
Minutes 06-28-23Download
Minutes 06-26-23Download
Agenda 07-06-23Download
Agenda 07-05-23Download
Agenda 06-30-23Download
Minutes 06-21-23Download
Minutes 06-20-23Download
Minutes 06-19-23Download
Agenda 06-26-23Download
Agenda 06-19-23Download
Minutes 06-12-23Download
Minutes 06-05-23Download
Agenda 06-12-23Download
Minutes 05-23-23Download
Minutes 05-22-23Download
Minutes 05-17-23Download
Minutes 05-16-23Download
Minutes 05-15-23Download
Minutes 05-12-23Download
Agenda 5-29-23Download
Agenda for week of May 22, 2023Download
Fiscal Year 2024 Proposed Budget (Notice of Public Hearing)Download
Minutes of May 10 , 2023Download
Agenda for week of May 15, 2023Download

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