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County government of Jefferson County, Iowa

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Jefferson County, located in southeastern Iowa, has a population of 17,325. It is governed by a Board of Supervisors.
The County Seat is Fairfield, Iowa.

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Jefferson County Court House

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County governments are the quiet, consistent providers of essential services.

Structurally, the county governments continue to serve as the regional government for Iowa. They also perform many state administrative functions such as the issuance of licenses and permits.

Also, they provide public services of a purely local nature such as roads and bridges, property ordinances, provision of health and indigent care, and maintenance of the county jail. Counties also cooperate among themselves to provide enhanced services to their citizens.

Jefferson County Veteran's Monument

Jefferson County Veteran's Monument on the Courthouse lawn - see more here.

There are seven incorporated towns in Jefferson County, Iowa -

Fairfield is the County Seat.

Fairfield Locator Map