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Attorney: Chauncey T. Moulding

Elected official
Assumed office 01/01/2019
Term expires 2026

Assistant County Attorney:

Elizabeth Estey

Office Hours:

Mon-Fri 8am - 4:30pm

Phone / Fax:

Phone: (641) 472-9201
Fax: (641) 472-9202


51 W Hempstead Ave. 
Fairfield, Iowa 52556

County Attorney’s Office Description

The county attorney’s office prosecutes violations of state law and provides legal advice and representation for the county.  Jefferson County Attorney is elected to serve a four-year term.

  • Your County Attorney is the legal advisor and chief law enforcement officer for your county.
  • The Jefferson County Attorney’s Office is responsible for prosecuting all state criminal misdemeanors and felonies that occur in Jefferson County.
  • The County Attorney is also responsible for enforcing county ordinances and other state laws that apply to Jefferson County (See Jefferson County Code of Ordinances).

There are both full-time and part-time County Attorneys in Iowa. Roughly two-thirds of all County Attorneys are part-time and may handle private legal work in addition to their official duties.

County Attorney Duties

Do Include:

  • Prosecute all violations of state criminal laws and county ordinances.
  • Provide legal advice to the Board of Supervisors and county and township officers concerning county matters.
  • Represent and defend the state, county and its officers in officially related cases.
  • Recover all monies (debts, fines, penalties, etc.) owing to the state or county.
  • Present all mental health commitment proceedings and all juvenile delinquency and child in need of assistance cases.

Do NOT Include:

  • We do not give legal advice to or represent private groups or persons.
  • We do not file lawsuits for private persons or defend them against lawsuits, including actions for dissolution of marriage.
  • We do not prepare wills, deeds or other legal documents for private individuals.

Notice: County Courthouse Offices will be closed on Monday, May 27, 2024 in observance of Memorial Day.

Temporary Polling Location Change: Fairfield 2nd Ward will vote at the County Engineer's Office, 901 N 8th St., Fairfield effective for the June 4, 2024 Primary Election.