Introduction to the Maasdam Barns

Introduction to the Maasdam Barns, Fairfield, Iowa

Introduction to the Historic Evergreen Ridge Stock Farm, at the Maasdam Barns

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Barnyard Bash, Aug 23, 2019, Maasdam Barns, Fairfield, Iowa
Mare Barn, Barnyard Bash held here Aug 23, 2019. Photo by Werner Elmker. Click to see Bash.

Who we are...
The Maasdam Barns are emblematic of the entrepreneurial spirit, which has characterized Jefferson County, Iowa, for well over a century.

The Maasdam Barns Preservation Committee was formed in 2005 to preserve the Evergreen Ridge Stock Farm, which had been a significant early 20th-century draft-horse breeding business. And to also create a recreational, historical and educational center.

In 2008, a section of the farmstead was entered onto the National Register of Historic Places. From 1910 until 1938 the owner of this farm, J. G. Maasdam, was a prominent importer and breeder of award-winning Belgian, Percheron and other draft horses. Horses were of great importance in powering the then improving farm equipment.

Although focused on the three historic barns, our Museum was created with displays, photos, artifacts, and stories about the Maasdam families history. Also included is information about early Fairfield industries, particularly related to agriculture.

Of importance is that the barns were equipped with Louden overhead monorail hay carriers, which were first developed and manufactured by the Louden Machinery Company in Fairfield. The Louden overhead monorail system is still used throughout the world in agriculture, but more importantly, in industry.

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Mare Barn and Show Barn during our Barnyard Bash, Aug 23, 2019. Photo by Werner Elmker. Click to see Bash.
Barnyard Bash.

Horse-drawn road grader at the Maasdam barns. Photo by Werner Elmker. See more on our News page.
Horse-drawn road grader. Photo by Werner Elmker.

The 150th Anniversary Celebration of the First National Bank of Fairfield was held here. Photo by Werner Elmker, Aug 13, 2015. See more photos
Maasdam Barns, Fairfield, Iowa

Photo from the 1920's showing Aunt Marie with one of the horses sold here. Click to see more.
Aunt Marie with horse.

The lane from the Museum back to the barns. Click to see more.
Entrance Lane to the Maasdam Barns

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