Mare Barn at the Maasdam Barns

Mare Barn at the Maasdam Barns

Mare Barn

Mare Barn by Werner Elmker
Photo by Werner Elmker.

The Mare Barn has stalls for 10 or 12 mares.  The Louden-inspired rafter design creates an unobstructed loft, used for hay storage.  It was built in 1910 by J. G. Maasdam.

The barn was mostly intact before restoration began, but the roof was covered with a rubbery-type material, perhaps added in the 1950's.  Since it was wearing off, it was replaced with wooden shingles in 2008.

The original cupola was gone, so it was reproduced.

The interior was cleaned up and upgraded with new wiring to meet codes, and displays were installed.


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*The first black and white photo below is from the Historic Study prepared for the Iowa DOT in 2002.  Photo taken in Sept 2001.

Before restoration, northwest side, 2001
Mare Barn, 2001

Before restoration, east side of the Mare barn, with the Show barn behind it, late 2005.
Mare & Show barns

Before restoration, north-east side of the Mare barn, late 2005.
Mare barn

Before restoration, south-west side of the Mare barn, late 2005.
Mare barn

After restoration, May 2013 (Restoration completed in 2011)
Mare Barn, May 2013

Photo by Werner Elmker
Horse Sign

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