Show Barn at the Maasdam Barns

Show Barn at the Maasdam Barns

Show Barn

Show Barn, July 2013

The Show Barn, or Dairy Barn, was apparently built by then-owner Ellsworth Turney in 1906, before J. G. Maasdam bought the farm.

Maasdam used it for general purposes, and to show horses to perspective buyers.  The barn is of post-and-beam construction, possibly using pieces from a previous barn.  Old photos show a wooden extension to the west side of the barn, which was replaced at some point with a modern pole-type metal building.

Repairs were needed to keep the structure from deteriorating further, especially the roof.  An early cupola, which was removed some years ago, was reproduced in Jan 2011.  Restoration was completed by Oct 2011.

Louden equipment was found in this barn.


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*The black and white photo below is from the Historic Study prepared for the Iowa DOT in 2002.  Photo taken in Sept 2001.

Before restoration, southeast side, 2001
Show Barn, 2001

The east side of the Show barn, late 2005.
Show barn

The south-east side of the Show barn, late 2005.
Show barn

The loft of the Show barn, late 2005.
Show barn

After restoration, May 2013 (Restoration completed Oct 2011)
Show Barn, May 2013

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