Exhibits & Displays at the Maasdam Barns

Exhibits & Displays

Just some of the exhibits and displays at the Maasdam Barns:

A working Louden Litter Carrier (see more) is mounted on tracks in the Show Barn.
Louden Litter Carrier

Louden stanchions (see more) are on display in the Show Barn.
Louden Stanchion

An early Louden hay carrier (see more) is in the Mare Barn.
Early Louden Hay Carrier
Early Louden Hay Carrier

An original "Charter Oak" Turney farm wagon is in the Show Barn.  This wagon was purchased new in 1919, and then returned to Fairfield in 1979.  See photos and the story here.
Turney Wagon
Turney Wagon

The original seat from the Turney wagon is displayed in the Museum.
Seat from the Turney Wagon

There will be occasional demonstrations by draft horses at the barns (see more photos).
Draft Horses at work

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