Maasdam Barns Museum & Visitor Center

Maasdam Barns Museum & Visitor Center

Museum & Visitor Center

Museum & Visitor Center


The Museum & Visitor Center opened in 2011 with displays, photos and artifacts about the Evergreen Ridge Stock Farm Historic District:

⚫ History of the Maasdam Barns, the Maasdam-Wheeler Co, and the Maasdam family,

⚫ History of two early Fairfield agriculture-related industries, Louden Machinery Company and Joel Turney and Co.,

⚫ Visitor information about the City of Fairfield and Jefferson County, Iowa,

⚫ And a museum gift shop.

See information about our other Maasdam Barn exhibits on our Exhibits Page.

See photo essays of the creation of our Museum/Visitors Center.

An Audio Tour of the Maasdam Barns is available from the Museum during your visit.

See more photos of the Museum Open House on Oct 7 & 8, 2011.
Open House in the Museum

None of the original Maasdam farmhouses still existed, so another building was sought to house our museum. A suitable house in downtown Fairfield was available, so it was moved here and converted it into our Museum & Visitor Center. (Photo taken Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012 - tulips came early this year, planted by The Jefferson County Master Gardeners).
Welcome Center 2013

The Jefferson County Master Gardeners at work next to the Museum & Visitor Center. Photo by Werner Elmker.
Master Gardeners at work

These models of the Maasdam Barns were constructed by a vendor for our Museum.
Models of the barns were constructed by a vendor.

The original seat from our original Turney wagon is displayed in the Museum. The wagon itself is on display in our Show Barn.  See the whole story here.
Seat from the Turney Wagon

Entrance lane back to the barns (2011).
Lane back to the barns

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