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Louden Machinery Company in Fairfield, Iowa

Section One:  Louden History & Products

Did you know that the Louden Machinery Company is known around the world?

   ⚫ Farming would not be the same today without the contributions of the Louden Machinery Company.

   ⚫ The Louden Machinery Company was a major contributor to modern farming in the world, and then became a leader in industrial material handling devices.

   ⚫ After World War I the industrial products division became preeminent. Louden industrial products are still being manufactured today, although not in Fairfield.

On this website -

   ⚫ View Louden Machinery Company history, catalogues, & products.

   ⚫ See buildings in Fairfield connected to the Louden Machinery Company.

Also take a look at the Fairfield Heritage Tour

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Portrait of William Louden
Portrait of William Louden

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