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 29. former Joel Turney and Co.

501 N. 8th Street (built in 1897, after a fire damaged the original buildings)

The famous "Charter Oak" farm wagons and others were manufactured here.

Advertised as "Built to Wear and Savers of Horse Flesh," the wagons featured rugged construction and quality workmanship.

Charter Oak Wagon

Founded in 1856, Joel Turney & Company moved here from Trenton, Iowa, in 1887 at the invitation of, and with financial support of, city leaders.

Having two railroads, north to south, and east to west, meant the factory could expand yearly production from 500-600 wagons per year to 5000-6000 per year.  For several years they were Fairfield's largest industrial employer.

The present brick and stone building was built in 1897 after a major fire destroyed the factory complex.  This enabled them to bring in even more modern production machinery.  See an old postcard below.

Production ceased in 1932 as demand for wagons slowed.

Postcard of Joel Turney & Company factory, looking north - unknown date. The factory had access to both the Rock Island and the CB & Q Railroads.
Turney factory

Joel Turney

(Not related to Louden, but another important employer in Fairfield)

See an original unrestored Turney "CHARTER OAK" wagon on display at the Maasdam Barns complex in Fairfield, IA.  And read about the wagon's history at the Maasdam Barns website.

Scroll down to see photos, and Turney Company catalog pages

This is the same building as in the postcard foreground (southeast view).  It has been modified over time.  12-10-10
Turney Wagon factory

West end of the building.  12-10-10
Turney Wagon factory

Advertisements and catalogue pages, from Joel Turney & Company - Charter Oak Wagon below.
Charter Oak Wagon

Turney Sled.
Turney Sled

Turney Farm Truck.
Turney Farm Truck

Turney Running Gear.
Turney Running Gear

Turney Special Steel Wheel Farm Truck.
Turney Special Steel Wheel Farm Truck

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