Outbuildings at the Maasdam Barns


Outbuildings at the Maasdam Barns

The outbuildings are still useful to the farmstead, although repairs had to be made.

The chicken coop had not seen chickens for years, but now they are back. See a Photo Essay of the chickens, and the renovation of the Chicken Coop, a story of repairs and new occupants. Below - The chickens, outside the chicken coop.
Chicken Coop

The old storage shed continues to be used for storage - you never know what you will need on a farm.  See a Photo Essay. The chicken coop is to the left, in the photo below.
Shed with chicken coop left, Oct 2015

A new Centennial Building used for displays and storage, was built in 2015 to the west of the Show Barn. See a Photo Essay.
New storage barn, Oct 2015

A garage was brought to the farmstead in April 2009 from downtown.  It was placed near the windmill.  The "Big House" was located about here. It burned down in 1933 (scroll down to see an old photo).  See a Photo Essay of the Garage and Windmill.
The garage and windmill, Oct 2015

(Below) The "Big House", the former Maasdam Home

The Maasdam home, looking from the southeast.  Barns are in the far background, behind the windmill.  It was built
about 1910, but burned down in 1933, forcing the family to move back to the older house (the Richey House).
The old Maasdam home,

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