Louden hay carriers at the Barns

Louden hay carrier

An early Louden hay carriers at the Maasdam Barns

The catalogue page (scroll down) celebrated the success of the Louden hay
carriers, which enabled a farmer to easily lift hay into his barn loft. It was an early form of an overhead crane.

A very early Louden Hay Carrier on display in the Mare Barn.
An early Louden Hay carrier.

Close up.  These carriers were made of wood.  Later carriers were made of metal, and used metal tracks.
An early Louden Hay carrier.

A later (metal) model being demonstrated in the Mare Barn.
A later (metal) Louden Hay carrier.

Close up of the carrier.
Close up of the metal Louden Hay carrier.

Below is a page from an early Louden catalogue page.
early Louden hay carrier catalogue page.


A Louden Hay Carrier, showing how it is used with a hay wagon (from a Louden catalogue).
Not seen to the left is another horse that pulls the rope that lifts the hay.
Louden catalogue page.

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