Sitelist for the Maasdam Barns

Sitelist for The Maasdam Barns

Pages on the this website - The Maasdam Barns

Home Page - Introduction to the Evergreen Ridge Stock Farm.

  The lane to the barns

What Are the Maasdam Barns? - One of Fairfield's early agricultural-related businesses.

  The Full-sized Sign of the World's Largest Horse.

  Photo Essays - Restoration from July 2007, to Open House 2011.

  Then & Now - Photo comparison.


Museum/Visitors Center

  Open House 2011

  Creating Museum


Stallion Barn

  Open House 2011

  Then & Now

  Restoration Photos

  Stallion Barn Specs

Mare Barn

  Open House 2011

  Then & Now

  Restoration Photos

  Mare Barn Specs

Show Barn

  Open House 2011

  Then & Now

  Restoration Photos

  Show Barn Specs


  Chickens and the Chicken Coop - Photo Essay.

  The old storage shed - Photo Essay.

  The Centennial Building - Constructed in 2015, Photo Essay.

  Garage and windmill - Photo Essay.

Exhibits & Displays - That you will find at the Maasdam Barns Farmstead.

  A working Louden Litter Carrier - On display.

  Learn about Louden stanchions - On display.

  An early Louden hay carrier - On display.

  Original Tourney wagon - On display.

  Draft Horses at work - Occasionally.

News & Updates - What's new at the Maasdam Barns.

  Visit to Steve Weeber Museum, Sept 30, 2017.

  Boys & Toys Truck & Tractor show, June 17, 2017.

  Babies at the Barns - May 13, 2017.

  Power Wagons visit - Jun 09, 2016.

  Videos of horses pulling plows at the Barns - June 2016.

  New storage barn built - Sept 24, 2015.

  150th Anniversary-First national Bank - Aug 13, 2015.

  Museum Crawl - June 14, 2014.

  Quilt Project - Oct 29, 2013.

  Chickens Move into the Chicken Coop - May, 2013.

  Snow Storm - Feb 24, 2012.

  Volunteer of the Year - Dec 2011.

  Open House - Oct 7 & 8, 2011.

  Then & Now - photo comparison.

  Getting ready, progress in Sept, 2011.

  McCombs Lane, Sept, 2011.

  Welcome Center exhibits, Sept 2011.

  Volunteer work in Jul & Aug, 2011.

  Volunteer updates as of June 11, 2011.

  Volunteers progress as of May 14, 2011.

  Update - progress as of April 2011.

  Show Barn, new roof & cupola - Jan 2011.

  Newspaper story - about our restoration (Jan 2011).

  Infrastructure Construction - Sept-Nov 2010.

  Painting the Storage Garage - Sept 2010.

  The outdoor sign depicting Louis D'Or - Sept 2010.

Find us (maps) - Where we are located, directions, a map of the farmstead.

Contact us & Donations - How to contact us, and how you can donate.

History - History of the Maasdam Barns Project.

  Then & Now - Photo comparison.

  Historic Study - History, photos and diagrams of the barns and the old farmhouses, prepared for the Iowa DOT in 2002 (PDF).

  About the Farmstead, and the Importance of Barns - by Keith Shafer.

Links for Fairfield - Links of interest about Fairfield.

Friends of The Barns - How you can help as a volunteer.

Sitelist - (This page) - A list of webpages on this website.

Louden Machinery Company Tour - Link to the Louden Tour website.

Jefferson County Supervisors - Link to the County Supervisors website.

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