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Jefferson County Conservation Board

Jefferson County Conservation Board, Fairfield, Iowa

Jefferson County Conservation Board

Jefferson County voted into existence their county conservation board program in 1972.

Since its inception, the Jefferson County Conservation Board has acquired and developed 12 areas encompassing approximately 1400 acres. These include parks, recreational and wildlife areas. The Conservation Board website has extensive information.

Children and adults of all ages learn and play in and out of the Nature Center in Jefferson County Park.

Kids studying a turtle

Birding is popular, and classes are held in the parks and elsewhere.

Birders in the park

Or maybe you want to float your boat.

Paddling up the Skunk River

The 16-mile Fairfield Loop Trail goes through Whitham Woods, and there are 8 miles of trails in Jefferson County Park.

Fairfield Loop Trail

Jefferson County Conservation Board Mission Statement
Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in Jefferson County by acquiring, developing and managing public areas so that its citizens will have opportunities for quality outdoor recreation experiences, and to cultivate good land stewardship through natural history and environmental education activities.

See the complete story on the Conservation Board website.


Funded in part by REAP, Resource Enhancement and Protection.

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