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Supervisor: Lee Dimmitt

Republican Party
Assumed office 01/01/2023
Term expires 2026

Supervisor: Susie Drish

Democratic Party
Assumed office 01/01/2021
Term expires 2024

Supervisor: Dee Sandquist

Republican Party
Assumed office 01/01/2017
Term expires 2024

Office Hours:

Mon-Fri 8am - 4:30pm


Phone: (641) 472-2851


County Courthouse, 1st floor
51 W Briggs Ave.
Fairfield, Iowa 52556

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Supervisors Description & Duties

County governments are the quiet, consistent providers of essential services. The Board of Supervisors are the administrative / legislative branch of county government.

Responsibilities Include and Are Not Limited To:

Terms & Elections

  • The three Jefferson County Supervisors are elected to serve staggered four-year terms.
  • Elections are held every 2 years.


The Board of Supervisors meets at 8:30 a.m. on most Mondays, and members of the public are welcome to attend. However, it is recommended that any agenda items be submitted in advance to the Auditor’s office no later than noon on Thursday prior to the meeting.

Minutes of the Board meetings are available for public viewing in the County Auditor’s office in the Courthouse, are on the Agenda & Minutes page, and are published weekly in the official county newspapers.

    Agendas, Minutes & Recent Docs

    Agenda 06-17-24Download
    Wind Energy Property Valuation OrdinanceDownload
    Minutes 6-11-24Download
    Minutes 6-10-24Download
    Minutes 6-7-24Download
    Agenda 6-10-24Download
    Minutes 5-28-24Download
    Agenda 6-7-24Download
    Minutes 5-22-24Download
    Minutes 5-20-24Download
    Agenda 5-28-24Download
    Amended agenda 5-22-24Download
    Minutes 5-13-24Download
    Amended agenda 5-20-24Download
    Agenda 5-20-24Download
    Minutes 5-8-24Download
    Minutes 5-6-24Download
    Agenda 5-13-24Download
    Board agenda 5-8-24Download
    Board agenda 5-6-24 2nd amendedDownload
    Board minutes 4-29-24Download
    Board agenda 5-6-24 amendedDownload
    Agenda 05-06-24Download
    Agenda 4-29-24Download
    Minutes 4-24-24Download
    Minutes 4-23-24Download
    Minutes 4-22-24Download
    Minutes 4-16-24Download
    Minutes 4-8-24Download
    Agenda addition 4-24-24Download
    Agenda 04-22-24Download
    Agenda 04-15-24Download
    Agenda 4-8-24Download
    Minutes 4-1-24Download
    Minutes 3-27-24Download
    Minutes 3-26-24Download
    Agenda 04-01-24Download
    Minutes 3-25-24Download
    Minutes 3-18-24Download
    Agenda 3-25-24Download
    Agenda 3-18-24Download
    Minutes 3-11-24Download
    Minutes 3-4-24Download
    Minutes 2-27-24Download
    Minutes 2-26-24Download
    Agenda 3-11-24Download
    Proposed Wind Energy Systems OrdinanceDownload
    Proposed FY25 Property Tax Levy Public Hearing NoticeDownload
    Agenda 3-4-24Download
    Agenda 02-26-24Download
    Minutes 2-15-24Download
    Minutes 2-12-24Download
    Minutes 2-9-24Download
    Minutes 2-5-24Download
    No meeting week of 2-19-24Download
    Revised Agenda 2-12-24Download
    Revised agenda 02-05-24Download
    Minutes 02-01-24Download
    Minutes 01-29-24Download
    Agenda 2-5-24Download
    Minutes 01-25-24Download
    Minutes 01-22-24Download
    Minutes 01-18-24Download
    Revised Agenda 1-29-24Download
    Agenda 01-22-24Download
    Minutes 1-8-24Download
    Agenda 1-15-24Download
    Minutes 01-05-24Download
    Agenda 1-8-24Download
    Minutes 1-2-24Download
    Minutes 12-27-23Download
    Minutes 12-20-23Download
    Minutes 12-18-23Download
    Minutes 12-15-23Download
    Agenda 1-1-24Download
    Agenda 12-25-23Download
    Agenda 12-18-23Download
    No regular Board meeting week of 12-11-23Download
    Minutes 12-4-23Download
    Minutes 11-27-23Download
    Agenda 12-04-23Download
    Minutes 11-20-23Download
    Minutes 11-17-23Download
    Minutes 11-14-23Download
    Minutes 11-13-23Download
    Minutes 11-6-23Download
    Agenda 11-27-23Download
    Agenda 11-20-23Download
    Agenda 11-17-23Download
    Agenda 11-13-23Download
    Minutes 10-30-23Download
    Agenda 11-6-23Download
    Agenda 10-30-23Download
    Minutes 10-25-23Download
    Minutes 10-23-23Download
    Minutes 10-16-23Download
    Minutes 10-13-23Download
    Minutes 10-09-23Download
    Agenda 10-23-23Download
    Agenda 10-16-23Download
    Agenda 10-13-23Download
    Minutes 10-03-23Download
    Minutes 10-02-23Download
    Minutes 09-27-23Download
    Minutes 09-25-23Download
    Minutes 09-18-23Download
    Revised Agenda 10-13-23Download
    Agenda 10-02-23Download
    Revised Agenda 09-27-23Download
    Agenda 09-25-23Download
    Agenda 09-18-23Download
    Minutes 09-12-23Download
    Minutes 09-05-23Download
    Agenda revised 09-12-23Download
    Minutes 08-28-23Download
    Agenda week of 09-11-23, No Monday meetingDownload
    Revised Agenda 09-05-23Download
    Agenda 09/05/2023Download
    Agenda 08-28-23Download
    Minutes 08-22-23Download
    Minutes 08-21-23Download
    Agenda 08-22-23Download
    Minutes 08-16-23Download
    Minutes 08-15-23Download
    Agenda 08-21-23Download
    Minutes 08-11-23Download
    Agenda Additions 08-15-23Download
    Agenda additions 08-15-23Download
    Minutes 08-08-23Download
    Minutes 08-07-23Download
    Minutes 08-02-23Download
    Minutes 08-01-23Download
    Minutes 07-31-23Download
    Minutes 07-26-23Download
    Minutes 07-24-23Download
    Minutes 07-17-23Download
    Minutes 07-11-23Download
    Minutes 07-10-23Download
    Agenda week of 08-14-23Download
    Agenda addition 08-11-23Download
    Voting Precincts Ordinance 2022Download
    Agenda 08-07-23Download
    Amended agenda 07-31-23Download
    Agenda 07-31-23Download
    Agenda 07-24-23Download
    Agenda 07-17-23Download
    Minutes 07-06-23Download
    Minutes 07-05-23Download
    Agenda 07-10-23Download
    Minutes 06-30-23Download
    Minutes 06-28-23Download
    Minutes 06-26-23Download
    Agenda 07-06-23Download
    Agenda 07-05-23Download
    Agenda 06-30-23Download
    Minutes 06-21-23Download
    Minutes 06-20-23Download
    Minutes 06-19-23Download
    Agenda 06-26-23Download
    Agenda 06-19-23Download
    Minutes 06-12-23Download
    Minutes 06-05-23Download
    Agenda 06-12-23Download
    Minutes 05-23-23Download
    Minutes 05-22-23Download
    Minutes 05-17-23Download
    Minutes 05-16-23Download
    Minutes 05-15-23Download
    Minutes 05-12-23Download
    Agenda 5-29-23Download
    Agenda for week of May 22, 2023Download
    Fiscal Year 2024 Proposed Budget (Notice of Public Hearing)Download
    Minutes of May 10 , 2023Download
    Agenda for week of May 15, 2023Download
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    Boards, Commisions & Committees

    Supervisors serve on a number of Boards and Commissions that affect all aspects of the county.

    Some of the Local and Regional Committees We Serve On...

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    • 8th Judicial Correctional Service Board
    • 10-15 Transit System
    • Area 15 Regional Planning Board
    • Assessor’s Conference Board
    • Mental Health
    • Decategorization Board for Jefferson, Keokuk and Washington County
    • Emergency Management Commission
    • Historic Preservation Committee
    • Maasdam Barn
    • Pathfinders RC&D
    • RUSS
    • SEMCO Landfill
    • SIEDA
    • SIACC
    • Workforce Development
    • Southern Iowa Response Group
    • Southern Iowa Detention services Agency

    All Assignments, Boards, and Commissions (PDFs)

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    Notice: County Courthouse Offices will be closed on Monday, May 27, 2024 in observance of Memorial Day.

    Temporary Polling Location Change: Fairfield 2nd Ward will vote at the County Engineer's Office, 901 N 8th St., Fairfield effective for the June 4, 2024 Primary Election.